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Service Level Agreement for Reports Hosting Services


This Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to you ("customer") if you currently hold an account with our online report hosing services from Sedtec, LLC. (the "Services") and your account is current (i.e., not past due) with Sedtec, LLC.

As used herein, the term “Reports Availability" means the percentage of a particular month (based on 24-hour days for the number of days in the subject month) that the content of customer's Web site is available for access by third parties via HTTP and/or HTTPS, as measured by Sedtec.


Service Level  Objective:

Sedtec aims to achieve 100% Web Site Availability for all customers.



Except under the conditions mentioned in the next section below, if the Web Site Availability of customer's Web site is less than 100%, Sedtec will issue a credit to customer according to the following table:

Reports Availability

Total Downtime in a 30 days calendar month

Credit Percentage

99.9 to 100%

0 to 43.2 minutes


98% to 99.8%

43.2 mins to
14 hrs 24 mins


95% to 97.9%

14 hrs 24 mins
to 36 hrs


90% to 94.9%

36 hrs to 72 hrs


89.9% or below

more than 72 hrs



The credit will be calculated based on the monthly service charge for the affected Services.


Maintenance Procedure

Sedtec will do its best to announce any scheduled maintenance at least 24 hours ahead of time to the customer.

Sedtec reserves the right to perform emergency maintenance without any prior notification, should it be deemed necessary to protect and maintain the security and integrity of the Service.


Customer shall not receive any credits under this SLA in connection with any failure or deficiency of reports availability caused by or associated with:

circumstances beyond Sedtec's reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of any governmental body, war, insurrection, sabotage, armed conflict, embargo, fire, flood, strike or other labor disturbance, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of or interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services, virus attacks or hackers, failure of third party software (including, without limitation, ecommerce software, payment gateways, chat, statistics or free scripts) or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies, or power used in or equipment needed for provision of this SLA; failure of access circuits to the Sedtec’s Hosting Network or it's upstream providers, unless such failure is caused solely by Sedtec; scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance and upgrades; DNS issues outside the direct control of Sedtec; issues with FTP, POP, IMAP, or SMTP customer access; false SLA breaches reported as a result of outages or errors of any Sedtec's measurement system; customer's acts or omissions (or acts or omissions of others engaged or authorized by customer), including, without limitation, custom scripting or coding (e.g., CGI, Perl, HTML, ASP, etc), any negligence, willful misconduct, or use of the Services in breach of Sedtec's Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy; e-mail or webmail delivery and transmission; DNS (Domain Name Server) Propagation, outages elsewhere on the Internet that hinder access to your account. Sedtec is not responsible for browser or DNS caching that may make the site appear inaccessible when others can still access it. Sedtec will guarantee only those areas considered under the control of Sedtec: Sedtec server links to the Internet, and Sedtec's servers. Sedtec is not responsible for disk crashes. Sedtec is not responsible for data lost due to disk crashes. Although we make a best effort to secure our systems and network, Sedtec is not responsible for theft of customer's Data.  Sedtec is committed to providing a reliable, high quality hosting solution to support our customers worldwide.


Credit Request and Payment Procedures

In order to receive a credit, customer must make a request therefore by emailing to  Each request in connection with this SLA must include customer's account name (per customer's control panel login) and the dates and times of the unavailability of customer's Web site and must be received by Sedtec, LLC. within 48 hours after customer's Web reports was not available. If the unavailability is confirmed by Sedtec, credits will be applied within two billing cycles after Sedtec’s receipt of customer's credit request. Credits are not refundable and can be used only towards future billing charges.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the total amount credited to customer in a particular month under this SLA shall not exceed the total hosting fee paid by customer for such month for the affected Services. Credits are exclusive of any applicable taxes charged to customer or collected by Sedtec and are customer's sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any failure or deficiency in the Web Site Availability of customer's Web site.

Note: Credits are not refundable and can be used only towards future billing charges.


Acceptable Use Policy

As a provider of reports hosting, and other Internet-related services, Sedtec offers its customers (also known as subscribers), and their customers and users, the means to acquire and disseminate a wealth of public, private, commercial, and non-commercial information. Sedtec respects that the Internet provides a forum for free and open discussion and dissemination of information, however, when there are competing interests at issue, Sedtec reserves the right to take certain preventative or corrective actions. In order to protect these competing interests, Sedtec has developed an Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP"), which supplements and explains certain terms of each customer's respective service agreement and is intended as a guide to the customer's rights and obligations when utilizing Sedtec's services. This AUP will be revised from time to time. A customer's use of Sedtec's services after changes to the AUP are posted on Sedtec's web site,, will constitute the customer's acceptance of any new or additional terms of the AUP that result from those changes. 


One important aspect of the Internet is that no one party owns or controls it. This fact accounts for much of the Internet's openness and value, but it also places a high premium on the judgment and responsibility of those who use the Internet, both in the information they acquire and in the information they disseminate to others. When subscribers obtain information through the Internet, they must keep in mind that Sedtec cannot monitor, verify, warrant, or vouch for the accuracy and quality of the information that subscribers may acquire. For this reason, the subscriber must exercise his or her best judgment in relying on information obtained from the Internet, and also should be aware that some material posted to the Internet is sexually explicit or otherwise offensive.


Because Sedtec cannot monitor or censor the Internet, and will not attempt to do so, Sedtec cannot accept any responsibility for injury to its subscribers that results from inaccurate, unsuitable, offensive, or illegal Internet communications.  When subscribers disseminate information through the Internet, they also must keep in mind that Sedtec does not review, edit, censor, or take responsibility for any information its subscribers may create. When users place information on the Internet, they have the same liability as other authors for copyright infringement, defamation, and other harmful speech. Also, because the information they create is carried over Sedtec's network and may reach a large number of people, including both subscribers and non-subscribers of Sedtec, subscribers' postings to the Internet may affect other subscribers and may harm Sedtec's goodwill, business reputation, and operations.


For these reasons, subscribers violate Sedtec policy and the service agreement when they, their customers, affiliates, or subsidiaries engage in the following prohibited activities:  Transmission, distribution, or storage of any information, data or material in violation of United States or state regulation or law, or by the common law, is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, or any other statute. Sedtec reserves the right to remove such illegal material from its servers or to immediately terminate your services without notice.




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