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So, what helps retain customers?  Traditionally good products and services were the key to retain customers.  Your Customers, brokers, and distributors demand increased levels of reporting and  information and want both data and documents together.  Customers who receive this service get used to it and it becomes a part of their process and their business. That is how you improve customer retention.

Customers always find someone who can provide information accurately, promptly, and with increased ease of use. 

A 15-minute tour will show you why this must-have service is for your customers.


You can now improve your Customer’s service experience and automate your information delivery process and give your clients information what they want when they want.

Sedtec provides your business with a tool to automate distribution of your reports, data and documents to your clients.  Whether on your server or ours, the entire distribution is automated.

Documents, Reports, and Data are all in an easy to use location, Secure and automated.


Over 5,000 customers benefit from getting timely information of data  reporting and the by being efficient.  Call us today to get started.


We did not need server purchase  or deal with security issues.  Sedtec took care of it all and their reports met our client and compliance needs. Our customers are very happy.

- Brenda,
Citizens Bank

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